Women and men can face different paths when it comes to financial planning. Although some financial steps are similar, women tend to see a different shape or pace to their financial plans, not least as a result of career breaks whilst having children or caring for family members.

As a result women may, at times, find it difficult to prioritise and discuss their finances, with many carrying a certain level of insecurity about their financial futures. With priorities at both home and work, many women are keen to take more control in order to feel more confident about their financial plans.

Recently, Georgina Howard, our Chartered Financial Planner, was invited to speak alongside a select few female financial experts in the Middle East to discuss how to develop confidence when managing your finances.

This webinar, hosted by Maria Vitoratos: Founder & Creator of the #STRONG social project, considered the importance of implementing a strong financial plan from early in life. The group discussed how this would help to ensure that both men and women can more comfortably talk about their financial futures and adapt their plans as their financial situations change.

Georgina offered her thoughts as an experienced and qualified financial planner and discussed how she aims to support and educate both men and women to confidently tackle their financial plans in a trusting and transparent environment.

If you are looking to speak to a financial planning professional in the Middle East, get in touch with our award-winning team, located in the Dubai International Financial Centre.

Georgina Howard, Chartered Financial Planner in the Middle East

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