UK Tax, Wealth and Estate Planning Advice for British Expatriates in Dubai and the Middle East

The Fry Group has a strong reputation around the world having worked for many years with British expatriates to provide UK tax, wealth and estate planning advice. Living and working in the Middle East offers some unique opportunities and ensuring that your finances are well structured and managed can help you enjoy your lifestyle, whilst planning ahead. Knowing who to turn to when considering your finances can be confusing, but our knowledge and expertise has helped us build trusted, long-term client relationships based on mutual honesty and professionalism. Understanding your unique circumstances is an intrinsic part of our process, enabling us to provide advice with a clear perspective of your own position with regards to family circumstances, funds, attitude to risk and other factors.


Minimising your UK tax bill is a fundamental element of our service. Our professional team has many years of experience of working with expatriates in the Middle East, helping steer a path through the UK’s tax rules and regulations. As an expatriate there are a number of allowances which become available to help minimise UK tax and structure your affairs and our experts have up-to-date, detailed skill and knowledge to create a framework which best suits your needs.


Building capital, whether over the short or long-term, is a significant achievement. Ensuring that your capital is well preserved, wisely invested and accessible when needed is a vital consideration to ensure that your hard work helps support the lifestyle you want, now and in the future. Our team of financial planners has worked with many expatriates in the Middle East to identify the right solutions, guided by both the long and short term needs. Most of our clients are focused on protecting capital, whilst enjoying a certain standard of living during time spent overseas.


Estate planning can be an emotional consideration, and there are usually a number of scenarios which you’ll want to consider and work through. Our team of experts will sensitively and intelligently help with all aspects of estate planning so that you and your family are comfortable that, when the time comes, all will be in order. Whether you need to put a Will in place for the first time, or set up trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney or consider your Inheritance Tax position we can provide the support you need to help ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

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