UK Tax Planning for British Expatriates in Dubai

Living and working in Dubai offers significant opportunities to legitimately minimise the amount of UK tax which you need to pay on both your income and investments. The UK tax system is complex, and seemingly ever changing, but offers a number of options for reducing your UK tax bill. Knowing which tools to use and when is the key to a creating the most beneficial tax position. Our Dubai team of tax experts has a deep understanding of both UK tax legislation and expatriate needs which can be put to work to help you make the most of your expatriate status. All of our work is tax-led, and we keep up-to-date with the ongoing changes in tax legislation whilst reviewing new opportunities in the financial landscape, to help ensure that your UK tax planning is relevant and robust.

The Importance of Residence

If you are living in Dubai there are some UK taxes which can affect you. Over the past decade more attention has been given the UK residence rules, and what constitutes being truly outside of the UK’s tax income net. A number of changes and high profile cases have created something of an uncertain landscape when it comes to tax planning, and this area can seem daunting and overly complex. Our understanding of the latest rules can help you negotiate the various allowances, and determine if you meet the requirements in place set out by the Statutory Residence Test, which is used to determine if a UK expatriate falls inside or outside of the UK tax net.

Maintaining UK Property

If you are keeping hold of your UK home, or an investment property in the UK whilst living in Dubai, it is important to be aware of the tax implications which may apply. Whether you are letting out the property, or simply retaining it for a future move back to the UK, you will need to make some considerations over how it could affect your tax position. Our Dubai based team can help explain how to make the most of your asset, whilst protecting your exposure to taxes.

Completing UK Tax Returns

If you need to complete an annual UK Tax Return, we can help. We will prepare and submit any forms required, and ensure subsequent payment or refunds are met. We’ll keep a close eye on your tax situation and will also let you know when you are no longer required to complete a Tax Return, or provide any help and support needed if the UK tax authorities query any aspect of your tax status, by handling all of the negotiations on your behalf.
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